Required Experience marketing Executive  to market our innovated Products in India statewise.


A)     Magnetic Pinholes spectacles

For this post i need person from  ophthalmic industry capable for selling  spectacles.


B)     Tooth Polisher

For this post i need person from  Tooth brush industry capable for selling  Tooth brushes.


C)      Nails polisher

For this post i need person from  Beauty parlour industry capable for selling Nails polisher.


D)     LED Candles fire proof

For this post i need person from  Hotel industry capable for selling  LED Candles.


E)      Silastic Insoles

For this post i need person from  Foot wear industry capable for selling  Insoles.


Required Marketing Agencies to procure New Distributors - Dealers - Franchisees - Retailers , to market our Five Innovated products in Entire India. On Consignment Basis and Profit Sharing.



Goleria'sTM -  TOOTH POLISHER  - Teeth-O-Care TM 

( Introducing for First time in India )


Tooth Polisher  : Polishing - Whitening  your  Teeth and remove Plaque ,
Speed 14000 RPM , Small portable device, Weight 50 grams , Special Designed Brush , This Brush has very good advantage , it will only remove extra plaque without damaging the thickness of teeth,
and whiten your teeths look very beautiful, within one week ,
Blister  packing  available  for long life.
Demo to use Tooth polisher  -  Yourselves.
  • First  step : Take - KALA  DANT MANJAN - any make   ( it is Black  Tooth Powder) available at  all medical shops.
  • Application : Take  One spoon black Tooth Powder , apply with your finger on your  Teeth, after applying black powder  start  our machine, work out   for atleast  10 to 15 minutes, this process  will  Grind your Teeth , after  this process rinse or  clean  your teeth with plain water.
  • Second step : Take  - White Tooth Powder  (any make) from  any   medical  shop.
  • Application : Take   One spoon White  tooth powder , apply with your finger on your  teeths, after applying White  powder  start  our machine  for atleast  10 to 15 minutes, this will  polish  your teeths , after  this process rinse or  clean  your teeth with plain water.
Repeat this two steps  process,   two to three times a day., for better result  atleast   one week , Kindly  send us your report.
Note :
  • After using our machine remove  Brush and clean it, also remove   Two  Batteries, this will increase your battery life.
  • Brush  Spare  available  easily ,  just call us  or email  :

Visit our video     Tooth polisher video





Goleria'sTM   -   NAILS POLISHER  -     Nail-O-CareTM

Introducing for First time in India


Nails Polisher :  A Professional approach for shaping, Trimming, Cutting your nails and make it look beautiful.
Gives accurate shape to your beautiful nails within few seconds.
We provide Four type of grinding disc.
  • 1)   Hard cutting
  • 2)   Trimming
  • 3)   Polishing
  • 4)   Shaping
Each disc is technically designed to give maximum accuracy. Small portable machine , weight 50 grams only , high  speed 14000 RPM  ,
Our disc  will not only trim – cut - shape  your  nails,  but also prevent  skin damage and make your nails look beautiful within few seconds.
  • Blister  packing  available  for long life.
  • Grinding disc Spares  available easily ,  just call us or Email :  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Visit our video     Nail shaper  video




Per piece MRP price Indian Rupees 50=00     



LED Fireproof Candles  are  made of  white  plastic body with Led  and small battery. All  Food grade material used.
Can be used as candle light dinner in Hotels, Restaurants,
Bars and also use to Decorate  Your sweet home rooms.
Any Festival,  function,  event and much more.
LED Candles are available as ex-stock.
 Just call us or Email :  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.






Pinholes Spectacles

 Goleria's™     -            Pinholes Spectacles ™  

New invented Pinholes Spectacles, which gives complete protection Shield to all human being Eye.

Glasses & Contact lens are merely a crutch  for your eyes & they do not address the real cause of the problem.Your eyes will therefore become lazy & weaker with time.

Pinholes Spectacles are very very effective Alternative to Conventional Glasses, provide very good clear vision, with an effective system of exercising your eyes, this delay the need of glasses.

Highly recommended for :

1) Small children's who watch TV at little distance, wearing these pinholes spectacles will give  protection  to  eyes.

2). Middle age Boys & Girls working in call centres - have to sit in front of computer screen for few Hours, wearing these pinholes spectacles will give protection to  eyes.

3). At 35 - 40 years age, when you need reading glasses, wearing these pinholes spectacle will give  protection to  eyes - complete substitute for reading glasses plus your reading  number may not  increase.  

4) Always wear pinholes spectacles for watching TV programmes or while working with computer, these pinhole spectacles will provide shield to both eyes by removing strain & stress.









Welcome to the world of Clear Vision through our Amazing Pinhole Spectacles. Our one and only Award Winning model Pinhole Spectacle is less expensive, more durable, and geared towards a serious function, to Correct Blurred Vision. Wear our spectacles for 15 minutes a day and increase if desired to an hour or more daily as comfort allows. Do not drive while wearing this spectacles, since they may reduce peripheral vision. Contact lenses should not be worn while exercising your eyes with these spectacles.

These spectacles are not to be used for driving a car or to be used to go to fancy dimly lit places, so why be concerned with styling, instead there use is for practical places such as in your home, at the office, at the movies, at the beach,or even fishing. ARI have wider sturdier frames and less pin holes preventing breakage and making it easier to adjust to their more effective usage, such as for watching TV, using your computer, or reading with proper lighting.

These special amazing spectacles of ARI , may not bring your eyesight back to their original condition, but they will strengthen your eye muscles and can prevent further deterioration of your eyes, so that you don't have to keep getting stronger prescription lenses to have Clearer Vision. Give your tired, bloodshot, strained eyes a rest, and see again with your natural eyesight using our amazing spectacles leaving those prescription lenses aside for a longer time each day. Make this incredible and amazing change in your life now by purchasing the very best choice on the market offered today Our Amazing spectacles of ARI. This pin hole concept came too late to benefit me, I did not need glasses until sometime in my thirties I noticed that I had blurred vision, so I went to an ophthalmologist, and he prescribed +1 and 1/2 magnification, The next time a few years later he upped it to +1 and 1/2 with a +2 bifocal, and then several years after that he said, you now need +2 with a +3 bifocal. I am now holding at this spot, because I have finally found my pin hole spectacles. The last 8 years I haven't needed an eye prescription adjustment. I watch all my TV, use my computer, and read books under strong lighting with my pinhole glasses. And with them amazingly I can see naturally without my prescription lenses.
Now you can keep your eye muscle functioning to prevent deterioration, and rest those strained eyes with my specially designed spectacle by ARI. Another aid for both distant and near vision is the pinhole or rather the multiple ARI spectacle, frequently called Stenopeic Spectacles. These Stenopeic spectacles are especially useful where there are diffuse opacities in the ocular media, cornea, lens, or vitreous. They are also applicable in cases of marked irregularities of the refractive media of the eye. In such cases they sometimes improve vision both for far and near beyond what can be accomplished with magnifying devices or contact lenses. The ARI acts as a fixed focus device for both far and near. How ARI spectacles glasses form an image on the retina. Occasionally, a combination of a magnifying device with a spectacles of ARI is used, the former to enlarge the retinal image, the latter to produce a sharper retinal image free from veiling glare. Other combinations such as contact lenses for conical cornea and a magnifying device to enlarge the retinal image are sometimes used. Here the contact lens can be made to act as the ocular of a telescopic spectacle, and thus serve a double purpose.


Silicone  Rubber   Insoles   -

Foot    cushion -    Insoles – properties

Make shoes more comfortable, Help fit better, firm grip,  maintains centre  of gravity to balance body weight, prefect paddings effect, regain extra support reduce body torque to maintain body balance, increases blood circulation spontaneously  full support to body refluxes.

Hardness of  rubber  control body  equilibrium which reduces extra stain of body.

Material- Non-toxic, food grade, non allergic, high temperature resistance, prevent burning sensation, as when heat cause due to walking with constant load and movementum.



Export enquiry Welcome
Make your future with us.

Available  Dealership – Stockist  - Franchises   state wise - in all  Popular cities  of India.

Ahmedabad    Chennai    Kochi   Gurgaon   Mumbai   Bangalore   Coimbatore   Kolkata   Hyderabad    pune   Chandigarh   Delhi  Lucknow   Jaipur   Trivandrum.

Other major cities

Agra  Ahmednagar  Ajmer   Akola   Allahabad  Alwar  Amritsar  Aurangabad  Bareilly  Belgaum  Bharuch

Bhopal    Bhubaneshwar   Bikaner   Bilaspur   cuttack   Dehradun   Dhanbad   Faridabad    Gandhinagar

Ghaziabad   Goa   Guwahati   Gwalior   Hisar   Hubli    Indore  Jabalpur   Jalandar   Jammu  Jamnagar

Jamshedpur   Jodhpur   Kalyan    Kanpur    Kharagpur    Kolhapur    Kottayam   Kozhikode   Ludhiana

Madurai  Mangalore   Mathura  Meerut    Mohali    Moradabad   Mysore  Nagpur   Nashik  NaviMumbai

Nellore  Noida  Panchkula  Patna   Pondicherry  Raipur  Rajkot   Ranchi  Salem  Satara  Secunderabad

Shimla  Solapur  Srinagar  Surat  Thane  Thrissur  Trichy  Udaipur   Vadodara  Varanasi   Vellore

Vijayawada  Vizag 


States/ Union Territories

Andaman & Nicobar islands   Andhra Pradesh   Arunachal Pradesh   Assam  Bihar  Chandigarh  Chattisgarh   Dadar& Nagar Haveli     Daman& Diu   Delhi  Goa   Gujarat  Haryana  Himachal Pradesh

Jammu & Kashmir  Jharkhand   Karnataka   Kerala   Lakshadweep   Madhya Pradesh  Maharashtra

Manipur  Meghalaya  Mizoram  Nagaland  Orissa  Pondicherry  Punjab  Rajasthan  Sikkim  Tamil Nadu

Telangana   Tripura   Uttar Pradesh  Uttarkhand  West Bengal


rqd Marketing Agents, Distributors, Dealers , Wholesellers , Franchisee, Salesman in the following Cities in India.
Bangalore Chennai Mumbai Delhi Gurgaon
Noida Hyderabad & Secunderabad Cochin & Ernakulam Coimbatore Pune
Kolkata Ahmedabad Goa 24 Parganas Agra
Ahmednagar Ajmer Akola Alappuzha Aligarh
Allahabad Alwar Amarnath Amravati Amritsar
Anand Anantapur Andaman & Nicobar Ara Arunachal Pradesh
Asansol Assam Aurangabad Bagalkot Bankura
Bardhaman Bareilly Bathinda Belgaum Bellary
Bhagalpur Bharatpur Bharuch Bhavnagar Bhilai
Bhilwara Bhiwandi Bhojpur Bhopal Bhramapur
Bhubaneswar Bijapur Bikaner Bilaspur Birbhum
Bokaro Calicut / Kozhikode Chandigarh Chikmagalore Chittoor
Coorg Cuddalore Cuttack Dadra & Nagar Haveli Daman
Darbhanga Darjeeling Davanagere Dehradun Dewas
Dhanbad Dhar Dhule Dinajpur Dindigul
Durg East Godavari Erode Faridabad Farrukhabad
Firozabad Gandhinagar Ganganagar Gangtok Gaya
Ghaziabad Hamirpur Haridwar Hassan Hisar
Hosur Howrah Hubli-Dharwad Idukki Imphal
Indore Jabalpur Jaipur Jaisalmer Jalandhar
Jalgaon Jalna Jalpaiguri Jammu Jamnagar
Jamshedpur Jodhpur Junagadh Kadapa Kanchipuram
Kangra Kannur Kanpur Kanyakumari Karimnagar
Karnal Kasargod Khajuraho Kodaikanal Kolhapur
Kollam Korba Kottayam Krishna Kullu
Kumarakom Kurnool Kutch Lakshadweep Latur
Lucknow Ludhiana Madurai Mahabubnagar Mainpuri
Malappuram Manali Mandi Mangalore Mathura
Meerut Meghalaya Mira Bhayandar Mizoram Moradabad
Mount Abu Murshidabad Muzaffarnagar Muzaffarpur Mysore
Nagaland Nagpur Nainital Nanded Nashik
Nellore Nizamabad North Tripura Ooty Palakkad
Panipat Parbhani Pathanamthitta Patiala Patna
Pimpri-Chinchwad Pondicherry Prakasm Puri Raichur
Raigad Raipur Rajkot Rajnandgaon Rampur
Ranchi Rangareddy Ratlam Raurkela Rohtak
Sagar Salem Sangli Satna Sawai Madhopur
Shahjahanpur Shimla Shimoga Solan Solapur
Sonipat South Tripura Srinagar Surat Surendranagar
Thane Thanjavur Thekkady Theni Thoothukudi
Thrissur Tiruchirappalli / Trichy Tirunelveli Tirupati Tiruppur
Tiruvallur Trivandrum Tumkur Udaipur Udham Singh Nagar
Udupi Ujjain Ulhasnagar Una Uttar Kannada
Vadodora Varanasi Varkala Vellore Visakhpatnam
Warangal Wayanad West Godavari West Tripura Yamunanagar

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Now Apple rubber Industries opens up an Evergreen Opportunity to earn in lakhs. Yes! Now you can become a prestigious Business Partner with  Apple Rubber Industries & can have a drive to enter into a relationship of mutual benefit.

We are constantly on the look out for entrepreneurs / Business people / working people who can share our vision and goals in the field of  marketing.

More information >

Available Positions and locations in India:

Regional Service Partner

1. Arunachal

2. Assam

3. Chhattisgarh

4. Bihar

5. Goa

6. Gujarat

7. Haryana

8. Himachal

9. Maharashtra

10. Jharkhand

11. Madhya Pradesh

12. Jammu

13. Manipur

14. Meghalaya

15. Mizoram

16. Nagaland

17. Orissa

18. Punjab

19. Rajasthan

20. Sikkim

21. West Bengal

22. Uttar Pradesh

23. Uttarakhand

24. Tripura

Available Positions and locations in India:

Andhra Pradesh:

1. Anantapur

2. Hyderabad

3. Secunderabad

4. Rajahmundry

5. Vijayawada

6. Visakhapatnam

7. Warangal

All other districts


1. Bengaluru

2. Belgaum

3. Bellary

4. Gulbarga

5. Mangalore

6. Mysore

7. Kolar

All other districts


1. Cochin

2. Trivandrum

3. Thrissur

4. Palakkad

5. Calicute

6. Kannur

7. Kollam

8. Kottayam

All other districts





1. Pondicherry

2. Karikal

All other districts

Tamil Nadu:

1. Chennai

2. Vellore

3. Viluppuram

4. Namakkal

5. Kanniyakumari

6. Cuddalore

7. Sivaganga

8. Pudukkottai

9. Thiruvarur

10. Theni

11. Perambalu

12. Tiruvanamalai


14. Ariyalur

All other districts



1. Mumbai

2. Navi Mumbai

3. Thane

4. Pune

5. Nasik

6. Jalgaon

7. Nagpur

8. Kolhapur

9. Aurangabad

10. Raigarh

11. sangli

12. Latur


14. Osmanabad

All other districts



1. Ahmedabad

2. Bhavnagar

3. Bhuj

4. Dharampur

5. Jamnagar

6. Junagarh

7. Kutch

8. Lakhpat

9. Mandvi

10. Morbi

11. Porbandar

12. Surat

13. Vadodara

14. siddhapur

All other districts


Himachal  Pradesh

1.  Bilaspur

2. Chamba

3. Hamirpur

4. Kangra

5. Kinnaur

6. Kullu

7. Lahaul & spiti

8. Mandi

9. Shimla

10. Sirmour

11. Solan

12. Una


14. Bharmaur

All other districts


Uttaranchal Pradesh / Uttarakhand

1. Dehradun

2. Haridwar

3. Roorkee

4. Rudrapur

5. Kashipur

6. Rishikesh

7. Nainital

8. Udham singh nagar







All other districts



1. Ludhiana

2. Amritsar

3. Jalandhar

4. Patiala

5. Bathinda

6. SAS Nagar

7. Hoshiarpur

8. Pathankot

9. Moga

10   Mohali

11. Batala

12. Phagwara

13. Firozpur

14. Kapurthala

All other districts









Who can apply for our Franchisee?

Person who has the following skills or Person who can lead a person who got the below mentioned skill can be our Partner / Franchisee,

  •  Individuals / Groups with good entrepreneur skills.
  •  Self-motivated and having a dynamic personality.
  •  Self-disciplined with acumen for setting up efficient systems / Network.
  •  Able to invest 5 to 8 hours on daily basis.
  •  Passionate about doing something useful and getting recognition in the community.
  •  Preferably with a sales background and experience.

How can apply for our Franchisee?

Business Opportunitiues

More info About us

Email :  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For Franchisee Enquiry

Email :  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For further clarification,
please feel free to contact us @ +91 9324373151 (OR) Mail to : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Apple Rubber Industries
4, Ground floor, Satnam Building,
Mathuradas road, iraniwadi, behind asian bakery, near Ratanakar Bank, Kandivali West  - Mumbai 400 067
Tel: +91- 22 -28616370  -  28616337
Mob: +91 - 9324373151  - 9967546337

Whatsapp number   -     +91 7710945188

Website :

Contact Details

Mobile : +91  9324373151
E-mail : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Website :



We need  M/F persons, who can do chain  marketing  bussiness either from their Homes - office - shops  without investment or if you want to invest take away good profit by selling our products.

Note :  We are  setting  infrastructure for  distribution of our products  in entire India.
Looking For  Distributors  - Wholesaler in India  ( State wise).
1)    Medical or pharm Distributors
2)    Beauty products Distributors
3)    Beauty  parlour products Distributors
4)    Stationary products Distributors 
We want to display our  products in all Medical shops - Stationary Shops - Beauty parlours - Malls   in Entire India - (Even Small villages )  - so forward your marketing network details, our team will study and revert back.

Contact  :  Apple Rubber Industries

Flat no 4, Ground floor, Satnam Building, Shantilal Mody road

Near Ratankar Bank, Iraniwadi , Behind Asian bakery,

Kandivali - west , Mumbai - 400067. India

Tel  : 022 -  28616370   -   28616337

Mobile :  9324373151  


Whatsapp number  -    +91 7710945188

Enquiry   :  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

sales :  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Website  :



Address:- Flat no 4, Ground floor Satnam Bldg, Shantilal mody Road , Iraniwadi, behind asian bakery, Near Ratnakar bank, Kandivali west, Mumbai- 400 067 India.
  • Tel : 91 - 22 - 28616370
  • Mobile : 91 - 9324373151
  • Mobile : 91 - 9967546337
  • TeleFax : 91 – 22 - 28616337
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